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Esta lectura en español (This reading in Spanish): Definición computadoras y compatibilidad.

Computer definition and technologies comments

By Javier R. Cinacchi (Translated by Ruth B. Vera Castro):
Review: 30/10/2014

Definition computers and technologies, Informatics Definition: Computers. A computer is a machine capable of processing data and deliver results from input data, calculated, which can be administered by programs. Every computer should be having the capacity to program it for automate the processes.
This is lost a little off the PC and Notebook (which is a personal portable computer). On a Netbook (which is a summary personal portable computer), there are less chances but is programmable when is installed and programs are used (software). Even though are programmable the cell phones, these ones move away a bit of the computer term -the programs for them are made on computers- In fact, they have a lot of computer in their technology, but they're intended for more specific functions such as: communication, and not as automatism of tasks or work computer.

Many machines along the computer history, early computers especially, they couldn't be reprogrammable without having to modify them, basic feature to be a computer, and yet they were the best computers of the time (example: The ENIAC). Obviously, the devices were performed according to the technologies that had the society or scientific at their available in such time. However, the reader will notice that in some way into designs from their inventors there were different concepts that's used in today's computer.

Technology of computer is advancing, and currently there're experiments and different inclinations of technological research to use in computers, such as: mechanisms based on ADN, by storage and light delay, through nanoengineering working to the level of size a bacteria or even with bacterias, etc. Currently these techniques more than one of us seem impossible, but the computer tends to go hand in hand with the technology of the time, which has been imposed years ago and today is the transistor. It's likely that in the future we use a different computer that is used today, at least in terms of building of its components. BUT CONCEPTS ARE STILL THE SAME. On first computers the Programming was part of their physical structure, current programs needs to be compatible with the computer on which they're installed ("System"), having specific "system requirements" (eg microprocessor's power, and type Operating System). The software is designed for general hardware, and their changes go together seeking greater compatibility with the advancement of technology.

In personal computing, PC's technician repair (PC stands for Personal Computer), has an advantage: It always tends to make the changes not be extreme not to provoke rejection by consumers and businesses. So, each piece of software or hardware on computer needs to be compatible with the system. And a computer system little adapted, usually doesn't has much chance of success.

Compatibility between technologies

Part of the new technologies aren't compatible with a outdated PC -computer about ten years or more-, likewise has less capacities, and that is the reason why users often don't update their PC, just they replace it. But despite the years that elapse is still having: Memory, Microprocessor, Hard Drive, Plate Video, etc. Components that is going to comment on the PC repair course free in Estudiargratis.net. What changes is their internal characteristics, connectors, speed, internal programming, etc.

However, each product for computer has specific system requirements to function properly. As a hardware component needs a specific type of connector and other details, likewise a component of software will needs a specific OS and other details. When a technician purchases a product of computer realizes the "system requirements" to determine if it's compatible or not with their computer.

Then: Technology advances, but most of the concepts are similar and the changes aren't usually extreme, to the point where it ceases to exist, eg Main Memoirs of a system, but what can become "extreme" are the changes in performance. Every informatic component needs a computer of certain general characteristics. For example a Memory type DDR isn't compatible with a DDR2.

Sample in a punctual computer technology:

A technician when is going to repair a computer in the future, and detects a problem with the Main Memory of System (some still would say the "RAM"), he will know what should to do, in fact he knows what function has this technology, beyond possessed the characteristics in its modern manufacturing.

Definition computers and computer technology

Or if a storage medium is built based on special memoirs, or based on a rotating disc ("Hard Disk"), in fact, the technician also will recognize that: It's the Main Unit Storage of System, and if necessary he will realize at the technology involved, for example if he must to replace the part, he needs a compatible one.

If you want to expand the capacity of main memory, improve performance, or replace this Memory against a failure, you must see compatibility: How much memory can be added and from what features

Explanation: A computer between your devices has a temporary storage device that is "Main Memory of System"; and inside of a typical PC has a permanent internal storage which is "Main Storage Unit" ("hard disk"). The average primary storage system could has in some cases an External Storage Media as one that connects to leave there data or content, or that the main system is connected to network. In Informatics is called "network" to the connection between computers, Internet is a great example.

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