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Esta lectura en español (This reading in Spanish): Del ábaco a las computadoras.

Abacus, system calculation

From abacus to computers, history and concepts.

By Javier R. Cinacchi (Translated by Ruth B. Vera Castro):
Review: 02/06/14

Researchers and scholars, thousands of years ago, they already thought of a device to assist in the handling and development of calculations. A very old device, used by the Chinese and then by Greeks and Romans, to make calculations or store data, it was the abacus.

A typical and simple abacus, is a rod with strings which one can be moved. Ie, the marks (strings) it represented data in each line (rod), and from this way calculations were made or stored information. It's a very simple visual device, that can store data representing numbers by location, in the former case with the strings.

Other perhaps more advanced abacus, was placed in a wooden box several strings or rods horizontally or vertically, and inside this one place small wheels that can be moved easily, called accounts. This was the first calculation system more or less developed and recognized worldwide, although it was not used to this little abacus to store information, due to its low storage capacity accounts positions.

Some authors mention other systems such as markings on the ground, even using stones on the ground, but we alredy would be away a lot about our concern matter which is the evolution from abacus to the computer, which one it will be seeing step by step in the repair course. But now move on to concepts that were beginning to be present in the abacus, but not before telling a story:

Evolution from the first calculation systems to computers
Within an abacus, strangely enough, already we find the beginning from a machine to perform calculations and store digital information, keep statistics, etc.
In 1946 a competition between a Japanese accountant whose name was Kiyoshu Matzukai, and an American with a computer was made of the time. It won the Japanese.

But this was only an isolated fact in those years. A computer speeds the data processing, and as technology advances, this processing increasingly become more fast. In special current computers billions of calculations per second are processed. There is no one who can make this amount of calculations per second, even with an abacus or a more modern device, other than a computer. But each epoch is used the technology at its disposal, and many concepts are the same.

The abacus we can interpret it as a device on which it can be performing calculations.

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