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All games have been tested and occasionally links are also tested. Preferably in each game is given the link by official Web Site. All games are free or have the option to play them for free. The screenshots may belong to a previous version of the game

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By Javier R. Cinacchi (Translated by Ruth Vera):
Review: 16/06/2015

Very entertaining arcade game style Bubble Bobble NeonPlat, Free game similar to Bubble Bobble NeonPlat; but must to be quick between floors and stairs, which move and some disappear, while are thrown the balls to others tiny dolls, thereby points and effects are achieved for to advance and/or persist in the game. Bubble style arcade for free.

Entertaining Platform Arcade Game Worms Mushroom Stew, free game in Worms style, from those classical platformer games or Arcade, with nice graphics. It's a battle of a fungus or spores against others, you win when all enemies fungi found in each map are removed, and then you advance to another map more complex. Portable in Worms style game.

Free action game first-person to download Doomsday Engine, Is a program to play a real good games whom aren't sold anymore, and you can get free options online to download. The program give supports to such games with 3D graphics and good definition and can be configured each game by its side. Old DOS games of first-person "shooters style" such as DOOM, Heretic and Hexen, work with this free emulator under good quality in modern systems Free action games, to download doom type.

Strategy game in real time for free Bos Wars, Strategy game for free in real time, based on space, a real and classic game for free. Command & Conquer's style and also Dune 2000. By gestion and attack. It can be played against PC, another players, or make missions Strategy free real time.

Set of dragons for tablets cell and PC Dragon City, is a free game (with option to buy accelerators), with dragons thematic. It works in PC, Tablets and some modern cell. It develops a city with different dragon farms. There are over 120 dragons that can develop, and continuously added any new. With the dragons can compete against other players to gain experience and gems. Play free.

A good game of ships to download for freeStar Sword, very good free game for download game of ships and space, is almost everything in 3D with good effects. As you earn points you can keep improving the ship and adding accessories and upgrades... Good free starship game to download.

Download free arcade game ships with Super Mario Mario Forever Galaxy Lite, is a good and free game to download, a merger between Super Mario and Galaxy, together with the new arcade games. You can keep improving, in this case to a starship with its equipment. The download is about 30 MB. The game is very well done, good sounds and graphics with 3D effects... Super Mario, free game to download.

Free vector game of adventures Maximus Cerebrum, for my taste very good game with vector graphics. It begins observing to a robot which is manufactured, and the player will discover what to do. The game falls into the category of adventure and puzzles. The graphics are very simple but it has an art of computer science and robotics... Vector game free to download .

Download free game Street Fighter III The 12 fighters II, is a game tribute to classic game Street Fighter III. It's a game to download, Flash mode of 7 MB, which once downloaded doesn't require an internet connection to play. Free game to download Street Fighter.

Entertaining adventure game and to discover crime, for free Dirty Split Game to download about solving a crime, with a history to read, good 2D graphics and sounds. This is a game with good 2D graphics, sort cartoony, interactive, where you can deal to a detective, which should to discover how ocurred a crime. Do you accept the challenge of solving this crime? Crime adventure game for free.

Racing Game for free Supertuxkart Supertuxkart (For Linux and Windows.) Racing Game for free, to download, for young and old. It has option to play against PC. Cool graphics in 3D with enough racetracks. The game is totally free, and continuous development. Besides being typical racing, you can collects various items, with ones you, by example, can stop to opponent, speed up, throw something to another, etc. Free 3D racing game SuperTuxKart for all ages.

Juegos gratis online multijugador Need for Speed World. [Windows] Car racing game free online, with excellent graphics in 3D. I sum up: The game is cool for PC. It downloading an installer of a few MB after sign up on the Web of the designers. NFSW excellent 3D car racing game.

Download funny game of Pingus Pingus, game to free download, is an entertaining game that treats about to lead a troop of Penguins and solve the situation that arises at different levels. By this the penguins go adding skills to their actions, parachute, jumping, digging, to stop the troop, etc Download funny game of penguins.

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