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Esta lectura en español (This reading in Spanish): Computadoras, historia, evolución y reparación.

How originates the PC? evolution and repairing.

By Javier R. Cinacchi (Translated by Ruth B. Vera Castro):
Review: 15/10/2014

As the society was learning to use new techniques of construction and design, for make their tasks and calculations some investigators were interested in the automation of process and also the fact to count on a machine that facilitates the work to perform mathematical calculations quickly. At the same time, there began to be a great interest not only in creating a machine to perform calculations, but also capable of handling differents kinds of information and store it somehow.
In modern times, it has been increasing many more data, and it has been necessary to catalog, sort and process the stored information to reach conclusions quickly. Moreover, in the military area, powerful computers able to calculate very quickly were needed... All this was necessary at different times, what caused that computer be able to advance hastily.

Currently it adds in popular computing, so, it's a fact the great business that represent selling new technologies. Business which the general public also enjoys, and everything related is also an important source of work.

How originates the PC? The ideal machine had be able to be programmed to adapt to the different needs, which are generally changing. During the time of development of the latest mechanical and electromechanical machines as will be seen, was born the computer. Computer: machine mainly used for processing and manipulation of information calculable. Then, would become a basic tool not only of processing for different information, but also communication, work and fun widely extended.

Currently most households with low income, possess one or more computers, and this one is becoming even sometimes very necessary. If missing a computer, there is at least something similar replacing: tablet or phone with internet access, which is very common nowadays.

The main reason to need computers are the benefits that offers Internet as information, communication, online transactions, purchase and sale, fun, study and work; these are some of the activities that can be performed using a personal computer (PC) with an Internet connection, or its new abbreviated forms: Notebook, Netbook, Tablet, Smartphone and mobile phones.

In the latter case the computer has become as a wallet: widely used and is always on hand. Some use their Smartphone up to pay by credit card linked (The course updated always is in: www.estudiargratis.net), however, its repair is a separate issue, most people change their phone, not it repaired, or they just do it as a facelift: change battery, keyboard, and its packaging; and this machines evolves constantly, that's why most people change their mobile when stops working (not it repaired), or within a few years they buy a new and modern model.

A computer the smaller is, more loses its modular principle. Within modular concept, if a main part fails, it can be changed without changing the rest. Usually the more smallest and more economical PC, has many welded components in the same Motherboard.

Far was the time when we saw a computer without printer like something outdated and illogical, and this even occurred around 1990. In the same way and even farther, the days has been stayed, when a computer was something only for scientists or large institutions, and this happened in the common people of the 60's. Now a PC is something common and ordinary in households, as it became popular at end of 60's.

Now there is the following reality: computers become increasingly smaller and disposables, however the principle of computer follows the same pattern, as will be seen when we advance this course; the only thing to consider, eg., inside a Mini Netbook, its System Main Memory and Microprocessor probably are a welded Chips, and the "Hard Disk" actually be a memory of permanent writing, plus an expansion slot ... Informatics is very interesting, and is a major source of employment. Keep studying the Course of PC repairing.

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