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Welcome the excellent Computer repair course
Esta lectura en español (This reading in Spanish): Estudiar con curso reparación computadoras. Computer Pc repair course

Introduction computer repair course

By Javier R. Cinacchi (Translated by Ruth B. Vera Castro):
Review: 07/10/14

Within this book and online course, exclusively for estudiargratis.net (or what is the same with the termination .com.ar), there are study material that I think is very useful and interesting, for both the computer repairman and for the person concerned in learning this task. Across the course, is will be adding information for expand yours knowledges. In this work it's trying you can have an excellent base, even for such purpose, lessons type readings, videos and supplementary material.

This site is improved and updated continually, including its accessibility. Maybe you would like while is traveling, to study or review something in your smartphone or tablet? You can access from the majority of this devices, even from a common Pc. I recommend you review this course one time by year, it will be an excellent choise and you'll find with many new updates in pc repair and similars. Author: Javier R. Cinacchi.

This material has an editorial work, additions, corrections and continuous updating, to facilitate the understanding from topics covered in the computer repair. They have been, part of them, shown originally in the printed book "computer repair, easily explained since the beginning". The printed version I don't update anymore, the online version that you see, I do. Please, recommend this website and don't accept imitations.

Firstly I'll give you the basics of how a computer works, in addition to mentioning useful points to repair, concepts, some computer culture, and the technical approach necessary to face system failures, even unknown . This we'll see it from the history of the PC, going to indicate how technology has progressed and how work some of these machines, explained in a quickly way and with curious and important details. Thus, we are going to progress on the tasks more performed by a PC technician, including the repairing of old or modern computer.

To make this work I have used my knowledge more research work mainly taken from a wide source as Internet, in where any current PC's technician won't fail to consult regularly, -especially manufacturers' websites-. The electronic data I have corroborated with my father who has extensive knowledge in electronics, having been engaged in the technical area for over 40 years. My experience in computer repair is of Technician and PC's private teacher, and currently editor for great amount of content and courses in Estudiargratis.com.ar (and/or .net).

I encourage you to study very well every part of this edition, read several times, so you can extract the maximum benefits of this e-book. I take this opportunity to thank you for reading my site, or become a follower of my varied written work. Every visitor on this web is working to improve this information and to place much more online and with free access. The first step in becoming a successful repair technician, is study. Continue studying.

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Computer repair course.

Some questions asked and answered by readers:

"please tell me how you do to get the course that you teach of computer repair if it's free or we must pay"
It's free and exclusively by www.estudiargratis.com.ar or www.estudiargratis.net This happens through the commercials, so it can be showed for free, but you must see it on my website, thereby the economic profit is given to me and not to other; this way the site is free for you completely and increasingly will be more information. It's accessed through the link signaled, where you'll find each lesson of the course.

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Did you know that the computer repair course is expanded or is updated to new edition continually?

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