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Esta lectura en español (This reading in Spanish): Placas de Video y sus conexiones.
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Video card and main connections.

By Javier R. Cinacchi (Translated by Ruth B. Vera Castro):
Review: 01/05/14

The easiest way to recognize it by its connector, and by having a heat sink, which may include or not a graphic card fan on the microprocessor, because it's special for processing graphics. Some high-end plates are mounted in such a way that expel warm air out of the PC, and for this they have the form of small turbines with output air out. Otherwise, would overheat much inside the PC.

AGP technology has been widely surpassed by the PCI -E and are not compatible. The images below belong to AGP technology, so you can recognize an old video card.

Video card technology AGP and PCI in computer repair 

It has several connectors for Computer Monitor, very commons in Video Cards AGP and PCIe, although PCle now almost not is include any SVGA connection.

Connects from video card S-Video DVI-I SVGA Additional Information: Video cards. Summary of evolution.

On some computers this component may be included in the Base Plate, but generally it look for a separate Plate, for going updating, already due to new 3D technologies needed too a Motherboard that supports new developments for it can be visualized. In addition to increased processing speed. Unless is not used a PC for gaming, high quality video or 3D applications, being then not so necessary to have a powerful acceleration in 3D.

Firstly the Video cards were marketed with a connection from PCI type, then came the AGP which allowed a superior data transfer, and today was surpassed by the PCIE, which one still allowing more data transfer and has some additional improvements. I use the term PCIE in place of PCI- Express, and video plate instead of Video Card, but at least in Argentina is the same.

While PCIE technology it can be used to connection of different devices, for the high requirements of the Video cards in PC computers, it's usually used primarily for this device, but don't be surprised if is also used as a connection among another devices, because was thought for that purpose.

It usually accompanies the PCIE specification with a number and a X, eg: PCIE 32X. What does this mean? It means that has a rate determined by the amount of data links between Base Plate and Plate Video that is connected. Each link is 250 MB/s (in version 1.x) which means that in a 32x theoretically it has a speeds up to 8GB per second while in a 16X 4GB.

In fact, that a device has a connection type doesn't mean that use the available bandwidth fully, you have to see how powerful is the Video Card microprocessor and other factors that are also important in performance. As is the amount of Memory in the same Video Card and obviously its speed. A connection provides bandwidth that can be used or no.

Is also interesting add that through technology PCIE can be handle the "on" or "off". Where even, as the case, may making work the graphics chips at the same time, or enable any as necessary or disable it when so much power is not required, in this last one I'm talking about what is said "Hybrid Power" -estudiargratis.net or com.ar-.

PCIE 2.0 and PCIE 1.1. In theory 2.0 is compatible with 1.1 and should not bring compatibility issues except specific cases (which means it would have to find out in case). 2.0 has double the bandwidth available than 1.0. However to use technology with its corresponding performance, is necessary all the support as required for that not be generated some "bottleneck".

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