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Esta lectura en español (This reading in Spanish): Juego para descargar de Super Mario gratis.

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A good game to download Super Mario.

By Javier R. Cinacchi (Translated by Ruth B. Vera Castro):
Review: 15/05/14

Download free Arcade Game Starships with Super Mario Mario Forever Galaxy Lite, is a good and free game to download, a merger between Super Mario and Galaxy, just as the new arcade games. You can improving a starship with its equipment. The download is about 30 MB. The game is very well done, good sounds and graphics with 3D effects, it also has some designs "Flash style". I find entertained the variety of scenarios, it has from the typical but modernized with tendency to Galaxy, to those scenarios to overcome obstacles, among them are eg the typical carnivorous plants from Super Mario. The screens are well varied, even in something I noticed a resemblance to "Asteroids". A good free game to have on hand and play some games from time in time, or to search reach the end accepting its challenge. It's totally for free and isn't needs Internet to play it. Reviews of game in Estudiargratis.net, all a collection to entertainment for free.

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Mario Forever Galaxy screenshot game.

Super Mario and Galaxy Game for free 

Funny starship game to download for free

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