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Esta lectura en español (This reading in Spanish): ¿Qué es exactamente el software y hardware?.

What is it exactly Software and Hardware?

By Javier R. Cinacchi (Translated by Ruth B. Vera Castro):
Review: 15/11/2014

Informatics, what's hardware and software?In a personal computer works together: 1) The physical components that formed the computer. 2) The logical components that composed the computer (programs and programming).

A computer technician, generally not repairs the physical components and the programming, what he repairs generally is the configuration and update. What he does is preparing a computer and keep it in optimal working condition, he plugs it to another (in network), to find what triggers an inconvenience and if necessary replace parts, to extend, install or reinstall programs, configure it, give counseling, etc. Let's go making it clear: What is the hardware and what is software.

Hardware: are the various elements that make up a computer, they may be storage media such as a DVD burner, or an Internal Storage Unit as a Hard Drive. “Plates” or “Cards” expansion as it is the “Graphics Card”, “Memory Blocks”, etc. Input devices as a Mouse, a Keypad or a Modem (device input and output). Output devices such as the monitor and printer.

Software: It's an element that arguably doesn't physically exist. It's a logical element, a set of instructions or data, which one time interpreted by the hardware, can display instructions or data through different means output of hardware or run automatism.

Summarizing: Software are programs and Hardware are the components.

This is true, but to be accurate, we must mention a third division:

Firmware: Is a combination of software (programs) and hardware (components) in a single element. A microprocessor, as well considered by most technicians like hardware, and not bad, has in itself a whole mechanism that is similar to a program, you can perform processing routines with instructions, it could then be classified as firmware. Another similar case is the Bios - Estu diar gra tis com ar o net -.

The Bios is a program recorded on a memory chip that can store data permanently until be delete. The Bios is an integrated, is in the Motherboard with a memory, it acts primarily on recognizing and configuring hardware devices.

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