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Esta lectura en español (This reading in Spanish): Reparación de computadora con virus. Computer Pc repair course

Remove the virus from computers, and recommendations to have safer computer.

By Javier R. Cinacchi (Translated by Ruth B. Vera Castro):
Review: 09/06/15

A computer connected to the Internet for a long time, usually accumulates viruses and other harmful programs, if not taken proper care. The computer repair technician must perform not only a disinfection using his favorite antivirus, is also need to provide to user the necessary advices on IT security, and each month the technician or user should to do the maintenance of the computer. I recommend using two powerful antivirus which should be different (and not simultaneously), I like the combination Kaspersky - Spybot, and as a free option the Avast antivirus instead of Kaspersky. The free version of Spybot doesn't really removes all virus, but just the spyware, which is an specific type of virus, and is more abundant now. Therefore it's advisable use both.

Also in a very polluted computer, there may be many problems with the Internet browser, for that reason is very useful the free program: AdwCleaner for solve problems with the browser.

As a longer-term option than a computer repair service, free antivirus program that I recommend is Avast. Use this antivirus about two months and then reinstall it completely, in my opinion it would be ideal. And perform virus search from the start (in free antivirus program in english: "Scan" option, “Boot-time Scan”, “Start”, Restart the computer).

Antivirus programs recommended to repair a computer:

Quick tips to have less virus problems

- Disconnect the Internet from the computer when it is not used.
- A computer with updated and legal software is safer than one that isn't under such conditions.
- Use correctly Firewall, Antivirus and Antispyware or three in one, on systems with Microsoft Windows.
- You must to have always updated security software, and reinstall from scratch a few times a year.
- Use the Spybot program for verify and "immunize" too.
- Be careful if you connect a memory of some kind on different computers, such as a USB flash drive, you can get viruses from there.
- If your computer is infected repeatedly, and you can't eradicate the problem and the cause isn't found, you may need to reinstall your entire system from scratch, after performing a backup information and the complete erase of the storage medium.

In this lesson of the course of computers repair, is shown by way of example and by video how to use Spybot program, the idea is: Let's suppose that you need unforeseen way make a repair of this type and has nothing to hand, perhaps not even a flash drive, or are all them deactivated, except Internet. How do to repair or at least greatly improve the system and then continue working?

Note: It's curious that just when I was recording the video, there I noticed they changed the design of the program. Must get used to that if this happens, not to worry, not stay without knowing what to do; it can take a few seconds, but is necessary to know and deduce how a program of computer security is used. Also very likely your customer would be watching what you do, and you should be prepared for these situations. Obviously at this point of course, I recommend you try the mentioned programs.

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